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Earl Grey Tea - 15 Tea Bags

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Our premium Earl Grey Tea combines the goodness of fresh black tea leaves with fragrant and refreshing bergamot oil to provide you with an exquisite mid-morning or afternoon tea. With rich yet delicate flavor the Premium Earl Grey has a fresh, crisp, and citrusy aroma, and golden amber color.

  • Can be enjoyed with or without milk
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Use of natural bergamot oil
  • Has been considered as Royal and most fashionable tea loved by British
  • One of our best-selling teas
  • The exquisite taste of black tea leaves and bergamot oil
  • Well curled and rich, yet delicate in flavour
  • A perfect tea for mid-morning or afternoon
  • Can have it with or without milk

Type : Single

Category : Black Tea/Milk Tea

Tag : Green Tea

Earl Grey Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Earl Grey Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Earl Grey Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Earl Grey Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Good for Heart Health
Good for Heart Health
Manages Blood Pressure
Manages Blood Pressure
Manages Cholesterol Levels
Manages Cholesterol Levels

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea was first introduced in the British Market in the 19th Century. It found its place in the elite and polite society, especially during the afternoon teas. It was loved for its citrus flavour with a tinge of spice from the black tea leaves, and it wasn’t out of style ever since. 

Earl Grey Tea is without a doubt, the most popular teas of all time, and is made using Assam black tea and bergamot orange. Also, various regions have their very own versions of this popular blend over these years. 

The Tasting Notes

Earl Grey tea has a very fresh aroma, with a cinch of citrus. The amber infusion is strong and rich and teases your tastebuds with its tangy and crisp taste. 

How to Include Earl Grey Tea in Your Everyday Routine?

Bergamot oil, which is the main ingredient of Earl Grey tea is known for its calming and aromatherapy properties. Hence, a cup of Earl Grey tea not only relaxes you but keeps your brain calm as well. This can be had during the afternoon for that energy boost, and to keep you going for the rest of the day. The tea has always been a favourite of the royals and is served at various high-profile events.

Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Excellent for Teeth – Black tea contains catechin, which helps fight oral infections. Earl Grey tea also has fluoride which protects the teeth from cavities and decay. 

Good for Digestion – A cup of Earl Grey tea can provide relief from symptoms of nausea, colic or indigestion. It helps relieve constipation and helps keeps the bowel movements regular.

Good for Depression & Anxiety – The bergamot oil present in Earl Grey tea has a very calming effect on the brain and can also boost your mood. Hence, this tea is a good choice for people who are suffering from anxiety or depression.

Boosts Energy – Though Earl Grey does not give you as much energy as coffee, the caffeine present in the black tea leaves will help you with a little boost you need during a tiring afternoon.

Can aid with Weight Loss – One of the most popular effects of Earl Grey Tea is weight loss, and this is again due to the presence of bergamot oil. It helps break down the calories in your body or boosts weight loss by improving body metabolism. 

Hydrating Properties – Unlike coffee, Earl Grey tea maintains the fluid balance in the body and keeps you hydrated. This is due to the high content of potassium in it. 

Order your pack of Earl Grey Tea to enjoy a cup of tea with fresh and fruity notes.


Earl Grey tea is made using the traditional combination of Assam black tea leaves and bergamot oil. 

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Highly recommended

Review by Parveen Kumar on 3rd Feb 2022

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