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Detox Desi Kahwa - 15 Tea Bags

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We believe in teas that not only taste exquisite but are also good for the health. The Desi Kahwa tea from Hindraj is mixed with the right spices and herbs, to provide you with a taste that will tingle your senses for sure. The Desi Kahwa tea from Hindraj is packed with natural and fresh herbs and spices like Cumin, Ginger, Tulsi, Lemongrass, Himalayan Rock Salt, and Asafoetida.

  • Perfectly balanced notes of spices
  • Strong yet rich flavour
  • Finest tea leaves
  • Top-quality tea is known for its taste and flavour
  • All-natural ingredients used
  • Known for its amazing healing properties
  • Perfect Morning Tea

A cup of Desi Kahwa tea from Hindraj provides you with just the kick your body and brain need every morning or during tiring work hours. Order yours today and indulge in its rich flavours.

Type : Single

Category : Herbal & Green tea

Tag : Green Tea

Detox Desi Kahwa - 15 Tea Bags


Detox Desi Kahwa - 15 Tea Bags


Detox Desi Kahwa - 15 Tea Bags


Detox Desi Kahwa - 15 Tea Bags


Helps in Detoxification
Helps in Detoxification
Effective Remedy for Common Cold
Effective Remedy for Common Cold
Helps in Relaxation
Helps in Relaxation
Gives Youthful Glow
Gives Youthful Glow

Hindraj’s Desi Kahwa Tea

A perfect cup of tea to have every morning, Desi Kahwa Tea is an old-school brew that is filled with amazing health benefits. Known to be an excellent replacement for coffee, the tea is also perfect for those on diet has it has zero calories. 

With Green Tea being the main ingredient, the tea has naturally occurring caffeine, that relaxes and pumps up the metabolism, giving you a much-needed energy boost. Hence, it is mostly had in the morning, or during the afternoon after lunch. 

A loved beverage during winters, Desi Kahwa Tea from Hindraj not only detoxes your body but calms and soothes your mind as well. A spice-laden tea from India, it is packed with the goodness and fragrance of spices and herbs, all packed in our special pyramid tea bags

Tasting Notes

The Desi Kahwa Tea from Hindraj has balanced notes of spices and is sure to please every tea lover. The dark amber coloured beverage is fused with handpicked herbs and spices to give you a perfect cup of traditional Indian brew. 

How to Add Desi Kahwa Tea to Your Everyday Routine?

Desi Kahwa tea can be had in the morning every day. It only cheers you up, but also prevents headaches, tiredness and keeps you active throughout the day. As the tea has caffeine in it, it is best to avoid it before bedtime or in the evening. 

Benefits of Desi Kahwa Tea

Good for Digestion – Desi Kahwa tea not only boosts your digestion but also helps clean the digestive tract. This in turn eliminates all the toxins in your body, keeping you fit, fine and healthy. 

Good for Skin – The tea has the goodness of Indian herbs that reduce your stress levels, leaving you with a youthful look. Less stress brings out the glow on your skin, and it also helps you fight dull and dry skin during winters. 

Boosts Energy – The tea boosts your energy like no other. It keeps you active throughout the day, keeps headaches at bay, recharges you instantly and helps you stay productive and efficient. 

Filled With Health Benefits – Desi Kahwa tea is made using healthy ingredients like cloves, ginger, tulsi, black pepper etc, that keep your body warm. The tea is also consumed as a natural remedy during winters to prevent cold and flu.

Stress Buster – Green tea has naturally occurring caffeine, and this relieves stress and improves your mood and concentration. Just change a bad unpleasant day into a cheerful one with one cup of Desi Kahwa tea from Hindraj. 


Hindraj’s Desi Kahwa tea has Green Tea, Ginger, Tulsi, Black Pepper, Himalayan Rock Salt, Lemongrass, Citric Acid, and Asafoetida. 

Some reviews of Detox Desi Kahwa - 15 Tea Bags

Highly recommended

Review by Parveen Kumar on 3rd Feb 2022

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