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Classic Green Tea - 15 Tea Bags

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The Classic Green Tea from Hindraj stays classic for a reason. We believe that not every green tea tastes the same, and we strive hard to bring the best to your table. We pick the top-quality green tea leaves known for their rich flavour, brilliant and warm aroma.

  • Grassy and Tannic Flavour
  • Warm aroma
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Enliven the unique earthly flavour
  • Delicate yet delicious
  • Perfect tea to start your mornings
  • Aids in weight loss

We at Hindraj preserve and enhance the natural qualities to provide you with refreshing Classic Green Tea. Order today and enjoy a natural, distinctive and soothing Classic Green Tea. ​​​​A perfect green tea to share with your friends and family

Type : Single

Category : Herbal & Green tea

Tag : Green Tea

Classic Green Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Classic Green Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Classic Green Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Classic Green Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Keeps Heart Healthy
Keeps Heart Healthy
Helps Burn Fat
Helps Burn Fat
Helps Weight Management
Helps Weight Management
Contains Anti-Cancer Properties
Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

Hindraj’s Classic Green Tea

We believe that every person has his/her own preference of the tea should taste. And, the Classic Green Tea from Hindraj suits the preference of almost everyone. Loaded with anti-oxidants, the Green Tea can be called as one of the healthiest teas.

Hindraj’s Classic Green Tea is more like aged wine as it provides you with a unique sensory experience, starting from the colour, to the flavour and the aftertaste. This is a perfect Green Tea for those who love delicacy and always believe in a finer choice.

The Tasting Notes

Unlike other Green Teas, our Classic Green Tea does not have a bitter taste. You can feel a bittersweet or an earthy aftertaste with a grassy aroma. The infusion is called as “liquid jade” due to the dense colour, and the taste depends on how strong or light you want your tea to be.

How to Include Classic Green Tea in My Every Routine?

Green Tea can be had in the morning, but avoid having the same on an empty stomach or too early. The ideal time to enjoy Hindraj’s Classic Green tea is with your breakfast or after it. You can also have Green Tea between your meals. As Green tea as caffeine, it helps increase your energy when taken in the morning, and helps burn more calories when you take it before your workout.

Benefits of Classic Green Tea

Bioactive Compounds – The presence of healthy bioactive compounds in Green tea make it a healthy beverage. These compounds not only help reduce inflammation but also reduce the free radicals in the body.

Good for Brain Function – A cup of Green Tea not only keeps you energetic and alert, but can also boost the brain function. The presence of caffeine and amino acid can have a positive effect on your mood, memory and reaction time.

Keeps you Energetic and Productive – As Green tea has caffeine and L-theanine (amino acid) it gives you a milder yet a good buzz when compared to coffee. It is known to keep your energy levels stable, helping you stay productive.

Burns Fat – As per a few studies, Green Tea increases metabolism and helps burn that stubborn fat. A cup of Green Tea increases physical performance by 10%-12% approximately.

Good for Oral Health – The catechins present in the Green tea reduce bacteria, thus reducing the risk of any oral infections. Studies have also indicated that Green tea may also reduce or prevent bad breath.

Good for Heart Health – The antioxidants present in Green tea may help improve the bad cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart diseases.


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Highly recommended

Review by Parveen Kumar on 3rd Feb 2022

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