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Chamomile Tea - 15 Tea Bags

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It is time to soothe your senses and wind down after a tiring day. The all-natural, caffeine-free, and pure Chamomile Tea from Hindraj is made from premium golden blossoms and is luxurious and calming. The floral infusion is called “calming chamomile” for a reason, as it helps you invite calmness into your world, and drift to a night of peaceful sleep when had in the evening. 

With a wonderful floral aroma, heavenly flavour, and bright golden yellow infusion, our Chamomile Tea is delightfully refreshing and perfect as an evening drink or for any time of the day. Make sure to order yours now!

  • Fragrant and bright yellow infusion
  • Heavenly flavour to calm your senses
  • High-quality herbal tea to provide you with maximum health benefits
  • Improves quality of sleep & reduces insomnia

Type : Single

Category : Herbal & Green tea

Tag : Green Tea

Chamomile Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Chamomile Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Chamomile Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Chamomile Tea - 15 Tea Bags


Effective Remedy for Common Cold
Effective Remedy for Common Cold
Reduces Inflammation
Reduces Inflammation
Relieves Menstrual Pain
Relieves Menstrual Pain
Improves Sleep Quality
Improves Sleep Quality

Hindraj's Chamomile Tea

Chamomile flowers are loved for their golden blooms and so is our tea. The Chamomile tea has an alluring floral aroma, that relaxes and refreshes you like no other beverage. The infusion is bright yellow in colour and tastes as fine as the flowers.

Chamomile tea is caffeine-free and is loved for its calming properties. It is also called "calming chamomile" for the same reason. A cup of Chamomile tea can be enjoyed any time of the day, without worrying about caffeine intake.

We at Hindraj make use of the chamomile flowers that are at their finest best and are harvested only in the spring. This is what imparts our tea with a delicious sweetness.

The Tasting Notes

Chamomile tea is a yellow infusion and has a sweet floral aroma. If you want to enhance the soothing taste of the tea, you can add a little honey or a grate of ginger.

How to Include Chamomile Tea in Your Everyday Routine?

As chamomile tea is an herbal infusion, it is caffeine-free and can be hard at any time of the day. The tea is known for its relaxing properties and is often had in the evening or before bedtime after dinner. It not only aids in sleeping but can also keep your sugar levels in check.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

For a Goodnight's Sleep – Chamomile tea soothes the nerves and the nervous system and thus helps you sleep better. A cup of chamomile tea before bedtime is beneficial for those suffering from insomnia.

Good for Immunity – Chamomile tea can improve your immunity system and is often suggested as a preventive measure against various illnesses. Chamomile flowers are known to have the ability to fight off harmful bacteria.

Good for Cold – Chamomile tea is known to work like magic for illnesses like the cold. You can either take a hot cup of chamomile tea or even inhale its stem to clear nasal congestion and a running nose. It also works well for sore throat.

Good for Period Pain and Muscle Spasms – As per a few studies conducted, Chamomile tea has antispasmodic properties and can provide relief from spasm pain. The tea not only reduces the production of the prostaglandins but also helps relax the uterus, thus proving relief from period pain or spasms.

Good for Digestion – Chamomile tea can also be consumed as a digestive relaxant and can be used to reduce symptoms that occur due to nausea, diarrhea, or motion sickness.

Stress Reducer – Those suffering from stress, or anxiety can include chamomile tea in their everyday routine to ease the symptoms associated with the same. As the tea is a natural sedative it can be consumed without the fear of any side effects.


Made from the finest quality of Chamomile Flowers

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Highly recommended

Review by Parveen Kumar on 3rd Feb 2022

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