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Premium Black Tea 1350gms: Big Family Pack ( Loose Tea )

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Buying tea is always a hectic job as different types of teas are present in the market, and you really have to be an expert to distinguish them. Finding authentic Darjeeling black tea is difficult. Even though you purchase Darjeeling tea from the seller, you do not get the authentic charm and aroma from the Darjeeling tea. It happens due to the lack of authenticity of the tea you purchase.

At Hindraj, we offer authentic Darjeeling black tea that brings instant refreshment for your body and mind. We collect the leaves from the gardens of Darjeeling and Siliguri and process those leaves through a natural fermentation process. We develop the finest quality of Darjeeling black tea through such a process that brings unparalleled aroma and taste.

Instead of purchasing packaged green tea which is blunt in taste, try our Darjeeling black tea for a unique taste and aroma. Hindraj black tea comes with the health benefits you expect from other tea. Purchase this Hindraj Combo 1350 gm pack of Darjeeling black tea for your family. You can also gift this pack to someone special.

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Premium Black Tea 1350gms: Big Family Pack ( Loose Tea )


Premium Black Tea 1350gms: Big Family Pack ( Loose Tea )


Premium Black Tea 1350gms: Big Family Pack ( Loose Tea )


Premium Black Tea 1350gms: Big Family Pack ( Loose Tea )


Nothing is rejuvenating than a sip of freshly brewed tea. A cup of tea can wipe your tiredness or can bar your tension or anxieties. The refreshing charm of a teacup brings smiles to millions of faces. This is why tea has been considered one of the finest and commonest beverages in the world. Different methods have been adopted to prepare tea – some like black tea while others like white tea. Eventually, preparing tea is quite easy.

If you are looking for a quick drink to get rid of your tiredness, tea is probably the drink that can be prepared without any hassles. If you want to buy authentic Darjeeling black tea, you will find the right product on our website. At Hindraj, we offer exquisite black tea from the gardens of Assam, Darjeeling, and Siliguri. Try this Hindraj Combo 1350gm for quenching your daily tea craving. You can also consider this combo tea pack as a gift for any tea lover in your circle.

Different Types of Tea

Today, you will find different types of teas. We live on a planet of tea lovers, and thus you will find different kinds of teas consumed in different places. However, black is the most popular tea in India, and you can use the first-flush black tea of Hindraj for making ice tea, milk tea, masala tea, infusion tea, and many other types of beverages. Here is a short guide to different types of teas:

Green Tea

Green tea is the finest and the most expensive tea, having immense physical beneficial values. Daily consumption of green tea helps burn body fat, as it enhances our metabolism rate quite effectively. Sometimes, Green tea is also referred to as a herbal tea for its amazing health benefits. It can be prepared in different styles. The basic way of preparing green tea is to put the tea leaves in boiling water and keep the container covered for a while. Directly put the tea into boiling water – there is no need for heating after covering the container. If you want to add some flavors or if you want to add a bit of a different taste, consider adding some further ingredients to your green tea. 

Darjeeling – Assam Tea – Teas from India

India is considered a major tea-producing country, and it is famous for its Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea. Tea lovers have always cherished Darjeeling tea's distinctive flavor and stunning fragrances. You will get such tea ranges from local markets in packaged and loose leaf tea forms. Darjeeling and Assam Tea are considered the most delicate tea leaves globally. Whether you like black tea or white tea, these tea leaves are suitable for all sorts of recipes. Brew fresh and enjoy sipping on a cup of Darjeeling tea. This tea's mind-boggling and refreshing character will surely clinch a lot of appreciation.

Why Should You Buy Darjeeling Black Tea?

Darjeeling black tea is popular worldwide for its unique taste and aroma. Though green tea has become a matter of discussion due to its many health benefits, it offers similar health benefits to Darjeeling black tea from Hindraj. We ensure chemical-free tea processing so that it remains safe for the consumers. Our Darjeeling black tea offers the following health benefits.

  • Uniquely refreshing smell and taste
  • Antioxidant-rich tea with multiple health benefits
  • Black tea is suitable for many recipes
  • Black tea taste better than green tea
  • Hindraj black tea is naturally processed and fermented

Buying Tea

Finding authentic Darjeeling tea is difficult, and some sellers have a high price tag for their products. At Hindraj, we assure the authenticity of the Darjeeling tea. The leaves are plucked from the gardens of Siliguri and Darjeeling. Moreover, we blend different ranges of Darjeeling tea to create a uniquely aromatic black tea that soothes your taste buds and refreshes your mind.

Till now, we have discussed a few major kinds of teas. Now, it is quite a hectic job for the buyers to find a proper shop for buying tea. You will get different types of teas in the supermarket, but still, supermarkets are not the biggest retailers of fine quality teas. If you want the finest quality tea at fair value, consider visiting our tea shop online.

Online tea shopping is convenient as well as easy. You do not need to go anywhere – sit, choose your products, pay through your debit or credit card and receive your orders at your doorstep within a week. Hence, purchase tea online through the website of Hindraj. We offer a pan-India delivery service with the assurance of top-notch quality. 

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