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Premium Black Tea 500gm ( Loose Tea )

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A cup of black tea brings amazing stress relief, especially when you are saturated with various tasks. Moreover, black tea is India's favorite beverage, and people start their days with a cup of black tea. While some people prefer milk tea, a few people consume tea without milk and sugar. If you are looking for a fine-quality black tea from the gardens of Siliguri and Darjeeling, we are here to provide you with the most affordable Darjeeling black tea. Purchase a pack of 500Gms black tea at our website. Place your order online, and we will deliver it to your preferred location.

Premium Black Tea 500gm ( Loose Tea )


Premium Black Tea 500gm ( Loose Tea )


Premium Black Tea 500gm ( Loose Tea )


Premium Black Tea 500gm ( Loose Tea )


Some of the teas people normally drink are black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, etc.

Hindraj offers the finest black tea from the gardens of Assam, Darjeeling, and Siliguri. The unique taste and aroma of our tea will make you stress-free and energetic instantly. Know a few interesting facts about tea.

Popular Beverage

Tea is second only to water in terms of the most consumed liquid in the world. Tea was initially only common in the east, but it is now a very popular beverage option.

Health Benefits of Tea

Many types of tea are available, and there are many interesting tea facts that many of you have not heard of. Tea is a sub-tropical evergreen plant native to Asia and is now being grown in other parts of the world. There are many health benefits of tea, and that is why tea has been used as Chinese medicine since time immemorial

Camellia Sinensis is the plant that produces black tea, oolong tea, white tea, and green tea. Countries like India, Sri Lanka, and a few others are famous for their high-quality tea production worldwide.

Flavor of Tea

Different teas are created by processing the Camellia Sinensis leaves in different ways. For example, black tea is the most oxidized lot, and white tea is the least processed. The taste and flavor of tea depend on the methods that have been used to process them.

Antioxidants in Tea

Herbal teas or tisanes are not teas at all, and this is tea information that only a few people know about. Herbal teas are made from flowers, roots, herbs, and other spices rich in antioxidants.

Tea Taste

Tea tasting is similar to wine tasting, and tea tasters look for specific characteristics in the taste, odor, and flavor of the tea they taste, and they are supposed to spit it out once tasted.

If you are a tea lover, you must have heard about natural black tea, a precious type of tea consumed by many people throughout the world. Black tea has become popular in recent times, as studies or research reveal its terrific health benefits.

Health Benefits of Hindraj Black Tea

Hindraj black tea possesses health benefits that you can enjoy by opting for this magically refreshing beverage. The best thing is that preparing black tea is easy, and you can add your flavors to it to enhance the aroma and the taste. In the following section of this article, we shall look at the salient benefits of black tea.

1. Black Tea Makes Your Heart Healthy

Produced in high quality in China and Japan, Black tea has been found as a magical natural supplement that keeps our heart healthy and rejuvenated. Those, who are vulnerable to coronary artery diseases and other major heart-related diseases, should include black tea in their regular diet to curb the risks of heart diseases. It is further observed that a person, who drinks black tea every day, is safe from heart attack or cardiac arrest-related issues. People, who have undergone major heart surgery or major heart-related medications, can consume black tea daily for a speedy recovery. It is one of the proven benefits of black tea.

2. Curb the Risks of Cancer with Black Tea

Black tea is known as a strong antioxidant, which has several good effects on human bodies. Those who consume natural black tea daily are protected from the malicious effects of cancer. You can curb risks for different kinds of cancer diseases meticulously by consuming black tea. Through research, it has been proven that black possesses some important antioxidant substances, which protect different organs of our body from being affected by the fatality of cancer.

3. Loss Weight with Black Tea

Consumption of natural black tea has increased since studies have found that black tea is highly effective in fat burning. The antioxidants of black tea help in quick as well as effective fat burning. Drink a cup of black tea regularly, at least for a month, and you will start finding some positive results. One of the major black tea benefits is that it helps in enhancing the metabolism rate. The increased metabolic rate indicates physical wellness. Moreover, due to the increased metabolism rate, accumulated and unused fats of human bodies get burnt rapidly in a natural process. It is one of the most powerful natural supplements for curbing excessive body fats.

4. Prevent Your Body from the Risks of Diabetes

Buy black tea and consume it for a few months if you have diabetes, and you will surely observe some positive health benefits by consuming this strong natural supplement. Black tea is specifically beneficial against type-1 diabetes, as natural black tea strives to keep sugar levels normal in our blood.

Apart from these, several other benefits of black tea are there. Enjoy sipping on a refreshing black tea drink and get some exquisite health benefits in addition. If you want to buy authentic black tea, then opt for buying black tea online at Hindraj.

Some reviews of Premium Black Tea 500gm ( Loose Tea )

I have tried too many tea brands but Hindraj Tea tea is my favorite so far.

Review by Parveen Kumar on 9th Dec 2021

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