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Premium Black Tea Online 250gm ( Loose Tea )

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Hindraj is the place to find exquisite black tea from the hills of Darjeeling and Siliguri. We produce, package, and sell premium black tea poised with all the goodness of healthy ingredients. Our first-flush quality black tea is suitable for gourmet purposes. You can enjoy it without milk and sugar. At the same time, you can pour milk and spices to make a cup of refreshing and tasty Indian masala chai. The tea is suitable for producing ice tea and other tea recipes. If you want to purchase a blend of authentic Darjeeling black tea, try Hindraj tea. We assure the unique taste and aroma of the finest quality of Darjeeling black tea

Premium Black Tea Online 250gm ( Loose Tea )


Premium Black Tea Online 250gm ( Loose Tea )


Premium Black Tea Online 250gm ( Loose Tea )


Premium Black Tea Online 250gm ( Loose Tea )


Hindraj is one of the most trusted sellers of Darjeeling black tea in India. We offer the unique blend of Darjeeling black tea that brings the aroma and freshness of the hills of Darjeeling and Siliguri to your drawing-room. Such a unique blend of Darjeeling black brings stress relief and refreshing charm to your life.

What Makes Darjeeling Black Tea So Popular?

Why is Darjeeling black tea so popular throughout the world? During the colonial era, Darjeeling was recognized as the tea capital of India. Though other hill stations of Northeast India produce equally top-quality black tea, Darjeeling tea has an unparalleled taste and aroma. If you are a true tea lover, you need to know the following reasons to buy Hindraj black tea from the gardens of Darjeeling and Siliguri.

Champagne of Teas: Darjeeling tea is called the Champagne of Teas for its unique taste and aroma. You will find many variations of Darjeeling tea, and they come from different tea gardens. From the sun rays to the weather condition, everything has an impact on the Darjeeling black tea. For this reason, the tea of the gardens of Darjeeling is unique. Hindraj brings the actual charm of Darjeeling tea to your drawing-room.

The Most Precious Tea: People from different parts of the globe consume tea. For people in a few regions, tea is a part of daily life activities. For example, Indians start their day sipping on freshly brewed tea. People also like to have tea after a stressful day at the office. Sipping on the freshly prepared tea brings amazing freshness. Darjeeling tea can render the most refreshing smell and taste. Thus, it is no wonder that it has emerged as the most expensive tea in the world.

Source of Antioxidants: Ideally, we recommend people try black tea without milk and sugar for the best health results. However, people also love to drink milk tea and masala chai in India, and thus we have created a unique blend of tea that can be used to prepare milk tea. Our Darjeeling black tea is a rich source of many antioxidants, and thus, it will bring a lot of positive health impacts.

Add Fresh Herbs: Darjeeling tea goes well with fresh and dried herbs added to the tea. Different kinds of herbs are added to make the tea more aromatic, tasty, and healthy. For example, you can add basil and mint to make the tea more aromatic. Nevertheless, these herbs increase the taste of the tea significantly. Darjeeling tea blends well with many types of herbs, and thus it has been used for various gourmet purposes.

Why Should You Buy Tea from Us?

Hindraj produces and sells the unique blend of Darjeeling black tea. We aim to bring the charms of the hill station to your drawing room through a cup of tea. The freshness and aroma are unparalleled as we carefully follow the process of plucking and sun-drying the tea leaves. We recommend Hindraj black tea for the following reasons.

Authentic Darjeeling Black Tea: At Hindraj, you will get authentic Darjeeling black tea at the most affordable price. We create a unique blend of Darjeeling black tea, which retains the unique aroma and taste.

Order Online Easily: You can now get a pack of Darjeeling black tea sitting in your house. At Hindraj, you can shop your favorite Darjeeling black tea online. Purchase combo packs to save more.

Naturally Processed: At Hindraj, we care for your health. Tea is good for our health, and we keep the tea healthy through natural processing. No harmful chemicals have been used during the process, and thus, our tea retains the goodness of healthy ingredients.

First Flush Quality: A tea is good when it possesses a low amount of caffeine. First-flush black tea contains a small amount of caffeine. Nevertheless, it has more freshness than other types of black tea. So, try our first flush-quality Darjeeling black tea.

If you want to order Hindraj 250 Gms black tea online, you can place your order on our website. We offer a pan-India delivery service. So, order now to avail exciting discounts!

Some reviews of Premium Black Tea Online 250gm ( Loose Tea )

I used to be a customer of the more popular brands like Tata, Wagh Bakri etc, but since I've tasted Hindraj Tea collection. I've become a big fan!

Review by Parveen Kumar on 9th Dec 2021

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