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It’s great to see you here!

Now, since you are here, we believe you have that entrepreneurial flame in you.

Hindraj is here with the CommuniTEA partner program.

Our communiTEA is our family and we provide them with a perfect business opportunity.

The opportunity provides the benefits like


You will enjoy the utmost joy of being your own boss. The fun of ownership and responsibility will be felt and enjoyed at the same time. This will also allow you to open your mind with a business perspective.

Easy Operations

The business is very easy to operate. One with an existing work/job can manage it on its own. We will provide you with the tea and you will sell it to your network. Hindraj is a premium, strong and aromatic tea for every household which savours a good tea and good time so selling and placing it will be easier.

Low Investment

Most of the time starting a good business requires a lot of investment and risk. With Hindraj, Things like product, packaging, marketing are already taken care of. All these things are already taken care of and well established.

High Margins

When the cost is low, the margin percent automatically increases. generally, traditional businesses give you a 10% to 20% margin, with Hindraj you will make up to 30% margin. Yes. It’s true!

Become a Royal Member with Hindraj

When you are done selling your first cycle of tea supplies, you automatically becomes a Royal Member with Hindraj CommuniTEA where you can avail gifts and various benefits depending on your CommuniTEA plan.