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Best Green Tea for Weight Loss in India Best Green Tea for Weight Loss in India

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss in India

Does Green tea assist in Weight Loss?

Green teas have been used in China since time immemorial for various healing purposes, be it headaches, pains, or other illnesses. In recent decades green tea are more in trend in the west. There have been various proven research and claims regarding the healing claims of green tea. Recent studies have proven that green teas are a great source of weight loss. Why this happens and is it true or not has been confirmed by some recent studies. 

Green tea speeds up metabolism according to a recent study, it is because of caffeine and a type of flavonoid called catechin an antioxidant found in green tea. Both of these compounds can speed up metabolism. Catechin can help to break down excess fat, while both catechin and caffeine can increase the amount of energy the body uses. Thus the claim that green tea assists or boosts weight loss is true. Now, the only factor left to a user is how to find the right tea for their weight loss journey. 

The Right Way to Consume Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green tea may be just another type of tea for some of us. But, it should be taken into account that originally green tea is a medicinal plant. The tea has never been randomly used for any purpose. There are specific dosages and usages. In the same way, for weight loss a few cups of less processed tea throughout the day. Starting from the beginning of the day till the end is enough. Green tea is not a magic elixir that would show its results in a day or two or within weeks. Using it should be a part of the lifestyle. Proper care should be taken considering green tea is a caffeinated product, it is not right to consume green tea all day or drink green tea straight through the day for a period of a few days for weight loss. Green tea has caffeine which when consumed in more than the amount required may cause heart malfunctions and other health issues. 

On the other hand, regulated consumption of green tea will impart the most promising results for weight loss. 

Difference between Green Tea and Black Tea

You must have heard people saying tea is a tea after all, what difference does it make if it is a green tea or a black? Well, this is the biggest myth people have yet not uncovered. Green and Black tea are both different types of teas. Both of them are made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. But to make black tea these leaves are processed and oxidized, whereas to make green tea the leaves are not oxidized. This is the basic difference between Green tea and Black tea. The oxidization and processing give black tea a rich aroma and flavor. Whilst in the case of black the process is further done to prevent oxidation, thus green tea has a much lighter color and flavor. 

To understand this phenomenon in simple terms we can observe that as tea are different how can they be used for the same purpose. Both the tea are thus recommended for different purposes and Green tea is thus best suitable for weight loss and other medicinal purposes. It is never wise to assume that black tea routinely available at home is the same as green tea suggested for some specific usage. Attention should be paid to usage and using authentic green tea would be more beneficial when it comes to weight loss. 

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

We have come across many claims from tea vendors for their green tea products. But, hardly a few have proven the claims and stood the quality tests for green tea. A few authentic sellers have transparent ingredient lists and processing and testing measures proving their authenticity. 

One such authentic brand that has grabbed our attention is Hindraj Tea products. Hindraj has a variety of authentic green teas for its users. Green tea from Hindraj is available through their official website and at standard rates. The processing and checks are up to the international testing standards. Hindraj Green teas also have a variety of options for selection from taste and aroma palettes. 

Hindraj have an authentic variety of standard green tea, these are best for weight loss and do not have any additional flavoring. These are tea for those people who would like to enjoy their green tea natural and free of any additional flavor or aroma. Hindraj offers four main categories in green tea.

All these varieties have natural flavoring for example chamomile, hibiscus, and peppermint plant extracts. These flavored green tea are not only good for weight loss but also beneficial in other conditions. 

The details of each herb and its medicinal properties and mentioned in Hindraj product descriptions. These green teas are perfect gifts for your loved ones and yourself. The natural flavoring and authentic taste will mesmerize you and also load your body with health benefits. When making a selection for authentic green tea, search for their processing styles and their quality check standards. Hindraj has been on top of our list of authentic green tea sellers for the same reason. 

Benefits of Authentic Green Tea

A few basic facts that should always be kept in mind by a user are that green tea and black tea are different. Green tea is the perfect and right choice for weight loss and other medicinal benefits. Black tea that is routinely available at home is different and not fit for weight loss. Selecting an authentic green tea provider from the heard of pseudo green tea sellers is a task. Trust only authentic sellers like Hindraj, go through their product descriptions and quality checks followed, and try out their tea. This would confirm the standard of quality green tea to rely on forever.

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