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about hindraj

About Hindraj

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A quest of perfection - From the Founder

It was the summer of 2020 when the world was hit by the pandemic. Eventually the world divided by regions, culture and race, all got united under the lockdown.

We witnessed people sitting at home enjoying the very essence of their lives. Sneaking a moment from the everyday conundrum and having a warm cup of evening tea is something that nobody wants to miss now.

And hasn't tea always been our magic ice breaker for a friendly conversation, a gup shup time with close ones.

So one day, when I sat down with my cup of tea at home, I suddenly felt a huge difference in the taste. I rolled my eyes towards mom and eagerly asked her why the tea taste so different today.

She replied that the distribution of tea from old bagans have been disturbed due to the pandemic so she got the next best option available at the market

With the flavor still in my mind, I thought that tea with such great flavour and aroma shouldn't be limited to us. That's when we started out on our quest to introduce this tea to every tea lover who is looking for nothing less than perfection.

So here, we are bringing to you the most authentic and royal tea straight from the oldest bagans of the magical valleys of North East India. The land of rising sun and blossoming tea.

Hindraj Tea is a superior quality tea which was only limited to the affluent people of India and the world will now be available for every tea lover. The finest quality leaves are hand plucked and collected from the best bagans. These are processed separately and made into the finest aromatic and flavourful tea, just to make your sneaking moment a royal one.

So come lets share a cup of tea together!

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About The Blend

The HINDRAJ TEA is made to delight everyone, from the sitting in balcony tea lover to the young hustler. The tea delivers the fine taste of North Eastern Valley’s mountainous tea gardens. The tea is grown on a mix of old and new plantations to usher the fine taste of true royal-ness. The oldest plants are as old as 130 year and the youngest of plants are 7 year old.

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